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    Server Logs


      I see in my FileMaker Server log events many warnings with event id 10: Schedule "%1" created by "%2".

      What means this message? In which case rise up?

      I need to an answer for my IT manager.


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          What are the names of your schedule scripts?  Are any of them named "%1" and are any of them showing up as erroring out in the schedule window of the admin console?  What type of server is this (OS?) and what version of FMS?


          I looked through my logs and don't see any errors like that.  I would first try recreating my schedule scripts and see if that fixes it.  If not, I would run the FMS installer again and reinstall the server again (remembering to export groups and note other important things like security settings, stop the service, and uninstall before reinstalling). 

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            Thank you for reply,


                 my script names are corrects, without simbols e without %1 in the name...


            This message is the default message associate to event id 10: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7275/~/filemaker-server-event-log-messages


            This an example of logs: 2013-07-08 12:27:11 Eventi server Avviso Il client "paperino (COMPUTER_PAPERINO) []" non risponde più; connessione chiusa. (10)


            I would to know the origin of the problem because the message is vague.


            FileMaker Server Advanced 12.0.3
            Client: FileMaker Pro 12.0.3

            Environment Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Professional

            100 Client

            No settings of timeout on Server and on Privilege Settings


            Thanks, Fabio.

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              I looked in the help link just like you did, but the Message Text is not useful in understanding the problem. 


              I noted that the version you are on is not current.  I suggest that you try upgrading to FMS 12.0.4 and see if the upgrade fixes the problem.

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                Thank you Taylor, but i prefer not upgrading now becouse this solution is mission critical and i prefer not stop Server for these weeks.

                Anyway the update not seem help me because it resolve only a java compatibility.

                I'm planning to do this as soon as possible.


                Cheers, Fabio.

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                  If it is a mission critical solution, I would test it on a pre-production or development server before upgrading.  You can also look at that solution to see if it is still generating the same errors you are seeing in the current production version. 


                  While the update is only for Java, it does a complete reinstall of the FileMaker service and I was thinking there may be some bug or error in it that would be fixed by the reinstall.  I've seen this behavior happen numerous and it is almost always unexplainable.  However, if the result is a service that is working properly, I usually don't worry about the "why". 

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                    Sure, we have a pre-production environment but we can't stress the system (less users - 3/4).

                    Anyway i consider to update as soon as possibile.


                    I'm agree with you for the service... if is working properly... it's ok.

                    But i need to give an answered to IT manager, about this log and possibile origin.


                    Cheers, Fabio.