GetNth columns / portal rotation in FM GO - past devcon demo

Discussion created by mikebeargie Expert on Jul 17, 2013
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I believe it was two years ago, but could have been last year, but in one of the sessions at devcon, someone showed off a cool demo I can't locate (or maybe was never available?).


It was a single layout for GO, and it had a single portal (or a hidden block portal that slid out on landscape).


Each portal row had "columns" represented by fields that were loading images (of cameras I believe).


The cool part is he had screen detection built in so that when you were in landscape on GO, the rightmost "cells" in each portal row would load images, and each row would adjust accordingly. In portrait, it would adjust back (and the right most cells were "hidden")


Does anyone remember this and/or have an example of this technique?


So the portal would load values such as this in portrait:

Header 1Header 2


And adjust like this in landscape:

Header 1Header 2Header 3