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Can a relationship fail for internal reasons?

Question asked by pantarhei on Jul 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by pantarhei

I am, somewhat unwillingly, working on a very idiosyncratic timesheet and billing system for a small consultancy firm. The scope, as I expected, grows by the day.


Until yesterday I managed to fulfil the client’s requests, mostly even exceeded the initial idea, but then something went wrong.


I have a portal in Billing showing unbilled hours for the Project in question, works fine. Now we need another portal showing Travel expense accounts in a similar fashion, but it shows nothing. I created a Test table and in that a portal works. In both cases the relationship is Project number to Project number, verified several times.


Is it possible that this is an internal problem? I could use the working Test table as a basis for a replacement Billing table, but at this stage it is not a quick thing to do, albeit technically simple. But would that fail at some point too?


(I so wish there’d be a simple way to change the source table for all selected fields in a layout! Maybe there is?)


We are using FMP 11.