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Freeze Window anomaly

Question asked by doughemi on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by doughemi

I am converting an FM11 solution to FM12 and have added a little eye candy in the form of a splash screen. On my local FMS installation, this works fine: the splash screen is displayed for a couple of seconds, then the main layout appears.


On the same file hosted remotely, though, the splash screen appears, then a blank gray window is shown for 7 or 8 seconds, and then the main layout is seen.


Here is my startup script:


Go to Layout ["Splash"]

Allow Formatting Bar [Off]

Show/Hide Toolbars [Hide]

Freeze Window

Set Variable [$$Acctname; Value:Get ( AccountName )]

Set Variable [$$AcctPriv; Value:Get ( CurrentPrivilegeSetName )]

Perform Script ["Set Renewal Dates"]

Set Field [globalsAdminSB::g.accountname[]; Get ( AccountName )]

Set Field [globalsAdminSB::Currentyear[]; Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )]

Set Field [globalsAdminSB::g.ExpirationDateList[]; GetAsText(Date(Month(globals::g.LastExpirationDate) - 5; 0; Year(globals::g.LastExpirationDate))) & ¶ &

GetAsText(Date(Month(globals::g.LastExpirationDate) - 2; 0; Year(globals::g.LastExpirationDate))) & ¶ &

globals::g.LastExpirationDate & ¶ &


Set Field [globalsAdminSB::g.OtherExpirationDate[]; globals::g.NextExpirationDate]

Set Field [globalsAdminSB::g.StateFilterList[]; "—ALL—¶" & ValueListItems ( Get ( FileName ) ; "States")]

Allow Formatting Bar [Off]

#Now go to proper layout depending on user privileges

If [Get ( CurrentPrivilegeSetName ) = "Membership Sec"]

Go to Layout ["MS_member entry"]

Perform Script ["CurrentMembersOnly"]

Go to Layout ["MS Switchboard"]

Refresh Window []

Show/Hide Toolbars [Hide]

Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

Set Variable [$$return_layout; Value:"Admin Switchboard"]

Exit Script []


Is there a way to make the splash screen stay on until the MS Switchboard layout is displayed?