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    Update records in portal


      We have a volunteer database where the volunteers can check in and checkout and the database will automatically calculate the volunteering hours. The volunteers also select the different building that they volunteer in so the hours are breakdown by building. Currently, we sort the check-in time records in descending order and GoToPortalRow (Select, First) so we can put in the checkin and checkout time for the latest record. However, this technique doesn't allow us to update other records. For the example below, we cannot checkout for the second record (District Office). Any advice on the technique to accomplish the task would be welcome! :-)




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          It depends on what the Checkout Script is doing.  The Checkout script needs to be told what portal row to go to for the checkout.  It would probably be easiest to have a checkout button on the portal row so that when you click that butotn, your script already knows which portal record you want to update.

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            Stephen Huston

            It is hard to know how to help without knowing what your scripts are currently doing.


            My first suggestion would be to consider two portats, one filtered to show completed records only, the other filtered to show only those still requiring checkout entries. You can then use the GoToObject and GoToPortalRow steps to control which portal and row you need to act upon.