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    Aqua Connect Terminal Server & FileMaker Server 12




      iDh@ni THU !


      URL under production: www.idhani.com/vdemo


      M, microentrepreuner having very minimal knowledge of IT,

      and venturing into unique eCom of franchise-biz-model...


      Looking forward to have robust MAC environment for remote desktop !


      Means...office, work-from-home, franchiseez and across ecosytem

      should access centralized Mac Mini Server from any computing device.


      Purchasing Volume Licenses is costly affair for especially me &

      it is unaffordable for my franchiseez too as they are all again



      Already determine to deploy...following infrastructure...


      1. Mac Mini Server: Mac environment.


      2. Aqua Connect Terminal Server: Remote desktop access.


      3. FileMaker Server 12 FMS: Database for remote access.

      Custom Web Publishing for web-based access to avoid

      volume license of FM Pro.


      4. FileMaker Pro Advance: In-house script working facility on



      M still skeptical about specific roles of ACTS & FMS...


      My simple querry is how ACTS & FMS is benefitial either

      separately or both together ?


      M confident that few vital features of both solution shall be very

      helpful for conceptualization of my idea of affordable remote



      Thanx in advance for all prospective responses.


      Happy iDh@ning !




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          FileMaker is a great Rapid Application Development platform and you get its benefits by using FileMaker Pro clients and FM Go.  Additionally, it supports Custom Web Publishing via PHP, which is an nice extension of FileMaker.  But using PHP to by the primary source for deliving content fails to make use of the primary benefits of the FileMaker client for rapid development and server security.  If you're going to not use the FileMaker Pro clients, I would save my money and just use MySQL as the database engine. The benfeit of FileMaker is that you can make the User Interface much more rapidly than you can in PHP and your savings is in the development time.  Personally, I think they will spend more money on the time in PHP than they will save in the FileMaker licensing costs.  But if you've already done the PHP work, then FileMaker is not adding much value.  Back on the security side of things, at least FileMaker is not susceptable to SQL injection attacks like MySQL is.  There are a lot of good things about MySQL, but it is by far the most hacked database out there.