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help with web viewer andd Google Maps

Question asked by rbogdanoff on Jul 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2013 by rbogdanoff

My first time using the web viewer and it's a great feature. I have a layout that displays a map from Google Maps. When the layout opens, the map looks like this (the red circle is mine):



I have to click on the arrow button in the red circle to hide all that stuff on the left and just give me the map like this:



Is there a way to set the web viewer to display the map as it appears above when it first loads? I want to print a bunch of records at once, but right now I have to print them one at a time and click that "Hide" arrow first before printing. Also, is there a way to hide the Google navigation bar and the stuff beteen the navigation bar and the map itself (The "Google", address box, search button)? Thanks for the help.