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      hello everyone,


      have you seen this video? (its only a minute and a half long)



      it shows a french filemaker developer using an animation in his filemaker file without any plug ins!

      does anyone know how he/she developed this?




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          The two techniques I use are image swapping and patching webviewers and filemakerNative together to create a seamless single ui surface.


          Image swapping is handled a few dif ways.

          One way is to create a calc field set to display container type , be unstored, and defined as $$imageviewer.

          U then display images by setting the $$imageviewer variable to whatever images u want.

          U cld display a starting position of say a little house.  On click, a script is triggered

          Which loops thru a png sequence of the house exploding and then lands on an image of a house in ruin.

          It's basically motion picturing to create animation.  I've found that u can get pretty close to 30fps if u keep the images in variable form. 

          Kind of fun , kind of an indicator u should look elsewhere to get ur animation going ...say Unity3d or coronaSdk ;)

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            thanks for the response Steve! did you watch the video?



            So if i was to use Unity or Corona in my filemaker solution i would use them in a webviewer? Also could i host it on a server and have the UI elements ive created work well in FMGO? if those SDKs dont work well for mobile, do you think simple jquery in webviewers on the mobile would cause performance issues?

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              Well - if ur primary goal is to add some sugar to the filemaker ui but at the core,

              Ur purpose is to make business applications relying on complex data management (by complex , I mean breaching threshold of needing a database as opposed to having needs simple enough to make use of simpler methods of persisting data in an application), then I think ur best bet would be to leave corona and unity alone as they are primarily game engines which run excellent on mobile, desktop, consoles.


              Ur biggest bang for the buck will be in bringing in some webviewer action in ur ui.

              Examples might be that instead of displaying ur data in a filemaker portal, u show it in a jquery

              Accordian with all the animations to be found in variations available all over the place.

              Anything that u have seen on the web as far as sliders, galleries, media players, text fx, etc,

              All of that can become part of ur filemaker ui. 


              Ill warn u that putting ur toe in the water is likely to pull u into a wormhole in pursuit of

              A fluid experience where filemaker native and web controls work equally as well.

              There are quite a few gotchas to overcome.  In the end , if the reason to go thru it all was eye candy, and the fact is that all real substance with regard to ur app resides in ur filemaker native, u may come to the conclusion that it isn't worth all the headache.


              Leaving the warning aside, uv got to handle a few things to get this going.

              For starters , download MBs monkey bread plug in and fusion reactor plug in.

              Both have demos.  Check out the example files associated and see if this feels like its heading in the right direction for what u r after.  Also, matt petrowsky has a video on making use of web frameworks.

              His site has a subscription fee to access the archives but it would give u access to the video and the example files.  His site is iso productions / filemaker magazine (search for URL).

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                Ps - I did watch the video.

                The toggle button is def just image swapping because u can see that he doesn't have control of sliding it gracefully and having it follow. He clicks and it swaps from deselected to selected.

                That's super easy to do...I can send u an example if u want.

                The larger pane that he moves to reveal the subsequent sub pages is hard to see in terms of it being a true sliding animation or a quick hop across three interval images which appears to the eye as animation.

                The reason to care is - one is doable with filemaker alone and the other requires web tech

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                  thanks alot steve, really helped me figure out what i want to put in my filemaker solution. in the end it is just for eye candy, i can always implement the UI i want in a webviewer as i'm no stranger to web ui javascript jquery etc. i also agree that learning unity and corona would be a tough task.


                  anyway thanks for the responses!