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ExecuteSQL in a global calc field?

Question asked by flybynight on Jul 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2013 by BruceRobertson

I've just started playing with ExecuteSQL. I started using SQLexplorer from SeedCode, and made some tweaks along the way.


My plan is to build a picker that will generate a list of IDs for current jobs in our system. The Status field can have several possible entries, so I'm selecting all of them that would indicate a job is current. I suppose I could also say that Status <> "Done" or "Invoiced", but I would think the results would be the same.


Anyway, I had in my head that my list of CurrentTickets could just be a global calculation field. But, when storage is set to global, it just shows the dreaded "?" instead of my array of data. With a regular calc, it works… as long as "Do not store calculation results…" is checked. Looks like it's not possible to have a global field that is not stored, so that could be the crux of the issue here.

It just seems unnecessary to me to have this calc in every record, when it is going to be the same value. Seems like a global would be less overhead.


Or maybe I'm just thinking about it wrong.

Looking for some enlightenment.