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ODBC/MySQL Filemaker Server Advanced & Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit

Question asked by davidd on Jul 20, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by taylorsharpe

We have been implementing a MySQL connection to our database with considerable difficulty.

The supported version of MySQL Connector for FMSA12 is MySQL Connector 5.1.7


However, when we installed this version on the server we found it has a reported bug which means you cannot configure the driver. This bug can be resolved by editing the registry (lots of fun), implementing what seems to be a fairly complex patch solution, or moviing to an unsupported later version. So we tried version 5.1.8, however, the connection seems to continually drop out making the Filemaker client accessing the system crash - this usually involves a Find dialogue appearing that cannot be cancelled. We found another entry in this forum which outlined success using version 5.1.10, which we have now installed.


The result is better than the previous version but we are still experiencing similar problems as before. For example: if you log in to the system and go to the layout containing the MySQL records, you can find, sort, and change the odbc records without difficulty. This remains the case as long as you continue working with the data. If you leave layout open for say 5 minutes and then try to do something involving the MySQL data, a Find dialog window appears which says "Find In Progress... Processing query". This cannot be cancelled as outlined before. (in fact, I have one on my screen right now which I have left running for about an hour just to see if it ever finishes.) My guess is the MySQL connection somehow gets closed and Filemaker gets locked into a cycle of trying to re-establish the link but that is just a guess.


An additional note:


It turns out that after leaving the computer for about three hours, the Find dialog closes and the MySQL fields display the message Connection Lost.

From my initial tests is appears a Refresh doesn't reconnect (ie Flush External Data) but syncing the table does.


I think my issues are: understanding the connection/disconnetion process, how do you set the length of the timeout for the SQL connection and or set how long FM continues to try to find it (these controls dont appear to be in driver) and how do I make it automatically re-establish its connection (there is a setting for this in the driver but switching it on hasn't changed the problem).

Any ideas?