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      I'm looking for good resources regarding how to build a custom webpage based on filemaker pro data. The scenario is below. What I'm looking for is guidance on how to make this work. I figure I will need to build the html in a script or calculated field or store it as a global variable.



      Scenario: Our communications department sends out a "News Clips" email everyday it contains a section heading "State Education News", a article heading, a summary of the article and the URL to the article. This gets sent to a email list serve as a HTML email.



      I'm trying to recreate this feature in their tracking database. I'm not sure how they create it now but they would like to add this feature to the FMP solution I have helped create.


      My thoughts on the FMP process.

      1. Have them create a record for each article they find. The record will contain all the appropriate data they want displayed on the actual newsclips email.
      2. Once all the articles for that day have been found run a script to build the body of the html email.
      3. Once the script is run. End on a layout with a webviewer that displays the html page created by the script.
      4. The user then copies and pastes the email into an email and sends the email out. ( Could use the FMP mail script step also.


      Any suggestions are helpful. I haven't found much yet.




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          If your database is hosted on FileMaker Server you can use PHP to generate the emails based on the FileMaker Data... No copy and paste required...


          It is also possible to achive this with various plugins.


          - Lyndsay

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            Paul, talk to me at the next COFMUG meeting (or better yet, another power lunch), and I can review some of the press clipping solutions we've done. Our shop is very familiar with how this process works in relation to government offices.


            I would suggest appending a filemaker-generated PDF to an email. This way you can control format based on a found set of filemaker records. Since filemaker lets you script "append to PDF", it can be used to generate a lot of cool emailed reports.

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              Lyndsay, great suggestion. I will look into plug-ins. But, the Fikemaker Pro server we have I got lucky in getting it. I don't think I can get the OK to purchase more addins to it. We are hosting this solution on our internal Server.




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                Mike, will do. It might have to be a Power-Lunch as I'm not sure I have enough time to wait for next COFMUG meeting. I will PM you if I have an immediate need.




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                  Sure thing, just let me know!


                  Also, I'm not sure filemaker's built-in send mail handles HTML formatted email, We traditionally use 360works email plugin for sending out text formatted emails. I normally suggest PDFs due to the infinitely more flexible formatting you can do, and the general universal-ness of being able to open them.