Problem with "Close File" Script

Discussion created by websalesabc on Jul 21, 2013
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Hi, hope someone can help. I'm simply trying to close my FM file with a button. This worked fine for some timne. After numerous edits in the file in general, I'm suddenly getting an error wheneve I'm trying to closr the file with a button that has the "Close File script atached. I have double checked and it is specified to close the current file. The specified name is also correct. The error I'm getting is "Error The script cannot be found or has been deleted". I don't know how this is possible as I'm simply selecting Close File from the Button Setup menu. Can anybody shed some light on this issue please? PS The same happens when I try and close the file with a scripot that has this function in it. It also gives me the same message when I try and use Close Window, current.


Thanks for a great community.