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    Modifying Themes


      When a theme is used, there seems to be no way of changing formatting of text objects. The only way I can get a different text object (from the default for that theme) is to create a blank layout to which I add text and format it. Then I copy and paste it into the themed layout. Am I missing something or do I potentially have a bad install? Thanks.

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          In my experience you can certainly select a text object in Layout mode and edit it all you like (font, size, colour, alignment, etc), so I'm not sure why you are unable to do this. There is a proviso though: if you subsequently change the theme of the layout at least some of the formatting you have done will be lost (in particular, the font will be changed to the font used by that theme). On the other hand, if you must keep the formatting you have applied, copy it before changing the theme; when you then paste it the formatting you had done will be retained in the pasted copy.


          The other thing you may not have discovered is that if you select your text object and check the Edit menu you will find the options Apply theme styles and Remove styles.

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            The Edit>Remove Styles,  did the trick. Thanks.

            I still do not have client susing FM12. Just got a new one last week, so I have not messed a lot with FM 12 thus far.

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              Keywords said, "The other thing you may not have discovered is that if you select your text object and check the Edit menu you will find the options Apply theme styles and Remove styles."


              And further ... select Inspector > Appearance and Styles.  Those four boxes control removing and applying styles also.

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                Yes, I've since discovered. I'm more into calcualtions and scripting than GUI, so I only find that stuff out on an as need basis. Just not a big interest of mine however, I did need to know this in this instance Thanks.

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                  I should re-iterate that I tried to change the characteristics of a NEW text object in a themed layout but it would not allow me to do that. On existing fields or text objects, I was able to apply any sort of formatting. Can you try that and tell me if  you experience the same behavior? I wonder if I have any corruption. I did take a copy of the file and recovered it to see but it came back OK. Maybe my install. I'll try a brank new file and see.

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                    No this is even more bizarre. I created a new file, added a themed layout. I experienced not only the same behavior on the new text object AND also on the existing field that had the theme on it. This time in order to format the exsiting themed field as well as the new text object, I had to remove styles on  both objects. Do you experience that in your themed layouts too?

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                      Unfortunately you aren't providing detail of what specific format changes you are attempting but font and font size change for me as does all other properties I've tried including Bold, Alignment, field size etc, just as experienced and expected by Keywords.  Mac 10.8.4, 12.0v4 and Windows XP SP3 12.0v3.


                      Is this a converted-from-prior-version file?  What is your operating system and FM version (including Updater version), please.  And can you provide one specific example (step by step) of what you expect versus what you get in a small sample file?  We'll help you figure it out.


                      Edited:  If this is a converted file, sometmes pop-up menus hang onto their bolded border.  If this is the issue then you might have to replace your pop-ups.

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                        It's all pretty elementary.


                        -Mac 10.7.5




                        -Launch app

                        -Create new file, define one field

                        -Create new layout using a theme (I chose Red)

                        - Select  field object, apply font colour change, size etc = NO CHANGE. Remains formatted as per theme

                        -Create a text object

                        -Select teh text object and apply formatting.= NO CHANGE


                        Select any text object, Edit>Remove style, apply any format desired = WORKS

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                          Thank you for providing more detail.  Replicating exactly ... the font color changes instantly for me as does any format change I specify. 


                          There is possibility that your version of Mac has an issue with 12.0v4 although I have not heard of any issue which might explain this behavior.  Unless others have ideas, I would suggest you post your question here, where FM responds to issues:




                          My apology that I couldn't resolve it for you.

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                            I have also replicated your process with the same result as LaRetta—all works for me. I'll attach my file just in case you can spot anything different compared to yours.

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                              Oh boy, I played with this today. I re-installed the app but no differences.


                              When I opened your file I could not see the text as it was white on white, which is NOT the default for the theme called RED.. There is a lot I have messed with. Do you have a phone number I can call you at?  It's hard to convey everythng in these posts.


                              I spoke with a tech at FM and we messed and messed with this but from what I see, when I use the RED theme  it defaults to white text that can't be changed unless as you suggested, the theme to the the object is removed first. It is totally weird cuz when I make those formating changes, they appear in the inspector but not on the GUI. Bizarrre. This occurs regardless if it is a new file or not. The odd thing is the default font colour for the theme called RED is apparebtly NOT whte, but for me is IS!


                              The only thing I wonder (and it's a long shot) is if there is something on my Mac causing issues, but I have nothing weird on there. I may install FM on another laptop to test out.

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                                It certainly sounds like something beyond FM. Testing on another machine sounds like a good idea; if you get a different result at least it will give you a starting point. You could also try logging in using a different account (create a new one if you have to), start in safe mode, etc to see if you get different behaviour. These things can be long, tedious chases though. All the best!

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                                  "The odd thing is the default font colour for the theme called RED is apparebtly NOT whte, but for me is IS!"


                                  And you are aware that you can change your default font?  Make sure nothing is selected and set your defaults in Inspector.


                                  This is probably not your specific issue but it sounded like you might not know how to set default formatting ... FM isn't very clear on the subject. :-)

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                                    Yes I am aware of that, but the defautl I am referring to is the default to the actual theme. For example, if I create a blank layout and create a text object, it is not formatted as white (by defaut ie white is not my default for FM). I can immediately select it and apply all formats. 

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