"Concatenate" in FileMaker with decimals

Discussion created by borimard on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by jcgrafted

Hi there,


I'm trying to 'concatenate' (sorry, I dont know the correct terminology in FileMaker) a number of different fields into one field.


Works great except when dealing with numbers with decimal places...


0.45 shows as .45

1.90 shows as 1.9


Is it possible to 'concatenate' with the zero before the decimal and in the second decimal position?


Basically, I'm getting: 20 x .45x1.2m = 10.8m² - start at £42.7 when I want: 20 x 0.45x1.2m = 10.8m² - start at £42.70


Sorry, am rather new to FileMaker, but any assistance would be appreciated!