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Scheduling a script to run annually / yearly?

Question asked by flybynight on Jul 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by timcimbura

Just wondering if there a way to schedule a script to run on FMServer v12 once per year.


Our job numbers are 6-digits with the first 2 being the year and the last 4 being a serial number. At the beginning of every year, we reset the last 4 digits.

And no, this user-facing job number is not used a key field.


I did a search on the forum and someone else had this same question a couple of years ago, but that was with versions 10 and 11 of Server. The forum archives are hard to read through, since they aren't in conversation threads.


One person had suggested to use the option to run "Every n days" and tell it 365… but that creates a problem every 4 years. I need it to run on January 1st.


The other option is to run it EVERY day, and just have logic in the script to check the date. I'll probably do that… just checking to see if there was a simpler option.