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    how to enable to update child table record from Main Table


      Hi everyone,


      i need one help from you


      I need to update the record from main table but it should update in child table or barrow table also. below image you can easy understand what i am asking ?

      this database i choose from Filemaker Template but i want to create same database like this template but i am facing lot of error

      1. how to create the this kind of table which can update from main table itself ?

      2. how to create the start date and end date this image display below? same thing i just created from table but its not working that you fine in Step 3?

      in Time off start date - end date i am getting the value but same thing i did in training start date - end date but here i am not getting any value

      3. how create the table which is display in Step 5? table as been created but its not there in Manage Layout ?

      4. How to Enable the Blue color line which displaying in Step 6 and y its need ???


      Step 1 is Time off table which can i update from Personal table

      Step 2 is Time off table i update the record

      Step 3 is Training table which can i am trying to update record from Personal table

      Step 4 is Training table also child table but i am not able to update record from personnal record

      Step 5 is Full database Table image

      Step 6 is Database Image



      can any one help to slove this Issues

      PLs pls pls help me

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          You will need to learn about RELATIONSHIPS.

          Have a look in your template database at the Relationships Tab when you are in File>Manage>Database. This is where relationships between Tables are set up.

          To look from a parent to a child table via a relationship a PORTAL is used.


          One table may be related to another in many different ways eg. Paid Invoices or Overdue Invoices. Each time you want to have a new way of relating an 'Instance' of the table is placed on the Relationships tab.

          There has been much written about relationships and there are some very good resources here at TechNet in the Developer Resource Center.... in the tabs at the top. There are also good sections in the Documentation you installed with FIleMaker.


          Dates can be calculated and dates can be used in calculations. When you subtract one date from another you get a number... of days. When you subtract Time from another you get a time that is the difference in the 24hr time... which can then be calculated as fractions for use in other calculation.


          One of the best ways to figure out how those things have been done is to look at the way it was put together in the template... as you have done. If you have FileMaker Pro Advanced you can use the Script Debugger and Data Viewer Tools to help you understand the scripts and buttons and layouts and relationships... and many things you are yet to find out about.... all work together. Essentially you can follow the trail... eg. Button X runs script 1. Script 1 goes to a layout, finds records, sorts the records, runs script 2 then goes to the original layout. Script 2 Prints the pages of the report.


          I hope this helps.


          - Lyndsay