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how to enable to update child table record from Main Table

Question asked by Ragupathi on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2013 by LyndsayHowarth

Hi everyone,


i need one help from you


I need to update the record from main table but it should update in child table or barrow table also. below image you can easy understand what i am asking ?

this database i choose from Filemaker Template but i want to create same database like this template but i am facing lot of error

1. how to create the this kind of table which can update from main table itself ?

2. how to create the start date and end date this image display below? same thing i just created from table but its not working that you fine in Step 3?

in Time off start date - end date i am getting the value but same thing i did in training start date - end date but here i am not getting any value

3. how create the table which is display in Step 5? table as been created but its not there in Manage Layout ?

4. How to Enable the Blue color line which displaying in Step 6 and y its need ???


Step 1 is Time off table which can i update from Personal table

Step 2 is Time off table i update the record

Step 3 is Training table which can i am trying to update record from Personal table

Step 4 is Training table also child table but i am not able to update record from personnal record

Step 5 is Full database Table image

Step 6 is Database Image



can any one help to slove this Issues

PLs pls pls help me