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    Files not visible in Available Files


      We have FileMaker Server 12 running on OS 10.7. The system had been up and running, but since loading new files to FM Server (using FM Server Upload tool) we can't see any of the files on the network. The server still shows up under Local Hosts, but when selected nothing is listed under Available Files. I tried opening a file by typing the file name into the Network File Path manually, but still couldn't open anything. All the files show up in the Admin Console as Status Normal. File permissions seem to be correct on the Data and Databases folders.


      Any input would be greatly appreciated. This is feeling like I'm missing something obvious, but I'm completely at a loss.



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          What does the Admin console say about the files?  Are they open?  Can you run a validation on them from the Admin console?


          I'm also assuming under "Favorite Host" you didn't restrict the files you can see. 


          Can you restart the server to see if they come up after a restart?

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            Out of curiosity, is there any reason you are sticking with 10.7 and not upgrading to 10.8?  There were lots of reasons not to go from 10.6 to 10.7, but very few problems in going from 10.7 to 10.8. 


            Also, is it a Server version?  FileMaker Server prefers the Mac OS X Server particularly if you ever do CWP or IWP.  And with the Server version only costing an additional $30, it is a no brainer.  Plus you get all of the Server app controls over Posix and ACL's to better control file sharing. 

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              Thanks for your response Taylor.  I don't know about upgrading to 10.8 Server, I'll check and see if that can be done.  I'm simply working with what I was given here.  For what was needed, about six users who worked on the LAN most of the time and occasionally via WAN; no need for web publishing; ability to use ESS, the system seemed adequate.  I have to admit there has been a bit of learning curve involved here as this is the first FM Server I've setup on Mac OS.  Until now I've been in Windows Server.


              The frustrating part now is that I had been at the office working on the system and given staff a "tour."  Showed them how to connect both locally and from a remote location.  Everything was fine, the databases were all listed and could be opened.  I even opened the Admin Console remotely and walked them through that.  Then I got a call about an hour and half later from the owner saying she had been uploading a new set of files and all this happened.  My best guess at this point is that this has something to do with permissions.  She said she had gone in and deleted the existing files/folders from the Databases folder manually - after closing everything.  But said she didn't delete the Databases folder itself.  She then used the Upload tool to add the new set of files, which were in a DropBox folder (perhaps that has something to do with it?).  Managing permissions on the Mac OS has probably been my biggest challenge on the project.


              In answer to your questions, the console says the files are open and that Status is Normal.  Haven't run a validation, but that is a great suggestion - I'll give that a try.  The server was set to show all files and I don't think that would have been changed but I'll double-check it.  But if that were the issue I still should have been able to connect when entering the path manually, correct?  We did restart the server (twice) as well as the routers.


              Thanks again for your input.



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                LOL... that is what I say about Windows.

                LabsRock wrote:


                Managing permissions on the Mac OS has probably been my biggest challenge on the project.




                If the installation was done correctly then the Database folder has the right permissions. Removing files manually should make no difference. Using the upload tool the databases have their permissions fixed for the Database folder...

                I think there is something she isn't telling you...


                - Lyndsay

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                  Removing files manually when they are opened by the server can corrupt them and copying new files into the database folder manually usually results in permissions problems.  Removed files will not necessarily look corrupted and corrupted files can be hard to determine they are corrupted or how to fix them.  Additionally, files put in this folder that do not have the proper Posix permissions cannot be opened by FileMaker Server and that is why you are not seeing them when you try to open them. 


                  FileMaker has designed the Admin Console to keep these problems from happening and FileMaker highly recommend you keep users out of the FileMaker Library folder.  If you use the Admin Console to upload databases as well as remove them, then you don't have corruption issues or permission issues.  Your permissions issue is even more complicated in that you do not have a Mac OS X Server and therefore do not have the Server.app with ACL and Posix controls. 


                  Please do not give access to the /Library/FileMaker/Server/Data/Databases folder by end user and tell them not to manually put files in there. 


                  Let us know if you have any questions on how to use the Admin Console.  We'll be glad to help you out. 

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                    Hi Lyndsay,

                    Thanks for the response.  I've got a feeling you pretty much hit the nail on the head, something going on that I'm not privy to.  I don't think it is something she necessarily is even aware of - possibly something that was done by a previous user/admin of this system.  I did the installation of FM Server and everything went pretty smoothly until the databases were moved onto the system.  First time, copying the files into Databases folder, we had what appeared to be permissions issues.  When opening them with the admin account you couldn't access Script Maker, or Layouts and some other tools, but Manage Database was available.  So I removed everything and used the upload tool, as Taylor indicated in his response, this took care of it and we were up and running.  Then an hour and half later it is broken again and in worse shape than before.  And as you point out, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the way she had proceeded - so it makes sense that maybe some information is being missed somewhere.


                    Long story short, I've "requested" a new computer be purchased and that we run 10.8 Server as Taylor suggests.  I will also "request" that I handle setup and configuration from the point of taking it out of the box.  So far that seems to be going well.


                    I think permissions can be a thorn in the side no matter what OS you're working in.  Of course they can save your bacon at times too.  Say for instance if you want to keep people out of some place where they might unwittingly do some damage.


                    Thanks again



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                      Thanks Taylor,

                      As I indicated in my response to Lyndsay, I'm pettitioning to get a new system running OS 10.8 Server and we'll start from there.  I'm not sure exactly what is going on with this system, but given that I'm not familiar with its history, other than it is several years old and has had the HD replaced once, I think it is prudent.  They don't need anything particularly robust, so I'm guessing it won't cost a whole lot more than they'd invest in time trying to get things fixed.


                      Thanks again,



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                        Best of luck getting it upgraded. At least upgrading to Mountain Lion Server is inexpensive.  I'm sure you'll get things working smoothly soon.  Take care and maybe see you at Devcon if you're coming. 



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                          The key to this puzzle is that the owner uploaded new files to the server.

                          The solution:

                          • open the files locally.
                          • go to File | Sharing | FileMaker Network...
                          • The window that opens includes a checkbox "Don't display in Open Remote File dialog".  Clear this check box
                          • upload file(s) to the server.



                          Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 12.14.07 PM.png

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                            Thanks Taylor.  I will be at DevCon and will definately say hi if I see you.  Thanks for your responses.



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                              Hi Marc,

                              I will double-check that, but it was not selected when we had moved the files over the first time (and were able to open them both locally and remotely).  Maybe something happened to reset that during the second copy, but that would seem very strange.  However, the behavior is exactly like that is the case, so it's worth taking another look.


                              Thanks for the reply,



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                                It could also be a firewall issue on your server.

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                                  Thanks keywords.  In all the back and forth I had totaly forgotten that the firewall had been turned on for the server.  Of course this had been done during the initial setup, so I'm not sure why FileMaker Server was available over both the LAN and the WAN until the new files were loaded.  Set the server's firewall to allow FileMaker traffic and we're up and running.


                                  Thanks again.



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                                    I had the same experience. Until Firewall is configured to allow FM traffic, FileMaker can see the server but not the files. Cheers!

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