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    Using FMP Server 8.5 with FMP 11 Clients


      Are there any problems associated with doing this?



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          Yes, this will work, particularly if you make sure to avoid using any features added since 8.5.  I would imagine if there are conflicts in user interface features, it my occasionally kill a FMP 11 client.  But in general you could access everything.  Wasn't 8.5 when FileMaker used a regular app instead of the Java Admin Console?  You'll have to make sure it works too. 


          Note that FM versions 7 to 11 all use the same format, *.fp7.  So they can generally be used interchangebly for reading data. 


          This would not be a stable system you would want to use for a production environment.  But I would use this situation to start a conversion. 


          Using that old of a server can also subject you to security issues, so beware.  If the data is important and has value, I would be looking to upgrade it to at least FMS 11.  FMS 12 has been out a long time and that is what I would recommend, but you would have to upgrade all of the FMP clients to version 12 to work with FMS 12.