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    Loop fails to advance to next record


      Here is a script snippet:


      Set Error Capture [On]


      Set Field(Validated_field_with_override_allowed, value)

      Go to Record/Request[Next]

      End Loop


      The problem is, if the value fails validation (which sometimes happens, but when running this script I always want to allow the value anyway, which is why Error Capture is on), the script fails to advance to the next record. Instead, it just loops through the Set Field step forever on the same record.


      The user who will run this script doesn't have Manage Database privileges, so temporarily removing the validation is not an option. The user is allowed to override, but may have to do so a large number of times when running the script, so I really don't want to make the user respond to thousands of override dialogs...


      Does anyone know how to make the loop advance to the next record even if validation failed?

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          It won't advance until you resolve the validation issue.  You can test for failure and then revert if it fails and then move on. 



          Set Error Capture On

          Set Field ( Field ; Value )

          Commit Record

          If ( Get ( LastError ) > 0 )

               Revert Record

          End If

          Set Error Capture Off

          Go To Next Record (Exit Last)

          End Loop

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            Stephen Huston

            You could also add a test to determine that the user is authorized based on the current user's permission group, but set the script to run with Full Access, which might help.


            Taylor's rearrangement of the error captures should help as well. It's usually most realiable to set error capture the way you want it immediately before the step that may generate the  error -- in this case, inside the loop.

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              Sounds like Validation is the wrong option for the field. What problem are you trying to solve by using Validation when you don't actually need it on thousands of records?

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                Thanks all for your ideas. I'm using the script to "import" data, using Set Field rather than Import to allow for some calculated clean-up of rather dirty data. But the calculations cannot clean up the data in every case, and I want the dirty data brought in even if it cannot be cleaned, so users can manually clean up the data as necessary rather than having to figure out what's missing from the source file somehow. So e.g. reverting in case of bad data is not a good solution in this situation.


                I'll share what I ended up doing just in case someone else has this problem... I started my script with setting a local variable, $skip_validation, to true. Then I changed the validation calculations for the fields to  $skip_validation or (original validation calc). That allowed me to effectively disable (or really, override) validation while the script was running, after which the local variable would stop existing and validation would be re-enabled. (Error capture was not the way to go.)