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Printing multi-sided student training cards?

Question asked by BillisSaved on Jul 24, 2013
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Hello everyone,


Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice you may be willing to provide regarding the challenge I am currently faced with.


I work for a training company and I'm in the process of developing a database which, among other things, must be capable of producing a printed pvc card which contains general student and company information on the front and on the back displays all of the student's completed training. I've utilized a portal on the back of the card to display the training list. So far, so good...until a student completes enough training courses to exceed the space on the back of the card. What I would like is to have the database automatically produce a second card when this condition is reached, using the same information on the front while continuing the remaining training list on the back.


I hope my description makes sense. Thanks again for taking the time to review my question. Have a great day!


God bless,