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Incorrect text characters showing from ESS MySQL source

Question asked by pthomas on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by LSNOVER

Hello everyone,


We have just finished upgrading our databases to FileMaker 12 and are now experiencing some issues with the display of data from a MySQL database.


This is how the information looks in the MySQL database:




And this is how it looks when I put the MySQL field onto a FileMaker layout:




As part of the FileMaker upgrade we also needed to upgrade our Actual ODBC driver (the old one didn't support 32 bit) so now I am unsure if the issue is with the Actual ODBC driver, or FileMaker itself...


We are running a Mac server, and have a mixture of Mac and PC clients (all of which display the data incorrectly).


FileMaker server version:

FileMaker Pro Advanced version (installed on all clients): 12.0v4

Actual ODBC driver version: Actual Open Source Databases 3.1.16 (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite)


Has anyone else come across this issue?