SQL Select Returned Data into variables

Discussion created by poliveira on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2013 by Peter Wagemans

Im running a SQL SELECT statment and set variable with the result. but the problem is the result has more than 1 field and i see the result in the variable like: ellen, kigirman (the expression is selecting firstname, lastname) so here is my statment:


SET Variable $result ; Value: executeSQL (



SELECT firstname, lastname FROM clients WHERE c_id = " & $$var_userID1 & " and cc_Id = " & $$var_SelID & "



; "" ; "" )


I'd like to put each info on each variable, lets say "firstname" on var: fname and "lastname" on var: lname


and not the way it is returning both field in the same line separated by coma.