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    conditional formatting on last portal row


      I have a very simple portal where entry in the last row will create a new portal record. I have an element the portal that I would like conditaional formatting to hide on the last row of portal. I have tried cout (portal::id) and a couple of other tricks but no go.

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          Hi Rivit,


          On a not yet created portal row is the reference id empty, so portal::id="" should do the trick


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            You must have something like a serial number in your child table of the portal right?


            have you tried using a formula like:

            IsEmpty ( childTable::serial )


            or maybe like this:

            childTable::serial = ""


            You are trying to test for a portal row that theoretically does not exist yet. (the blank one that is there from "allow record creation through this relationship" correct?)


            If the the record has NOT been created yet, it has also not been assigned a serial value. The above lets you test for that last dummy portal row that really isn't a record until you've typed in and committed it. Once you commit that record, the above results in 0 instead of 1, allowing you to use it for conditional formatting.

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              I even tried  Get (WindowMode) <4 to set fill to none in browse mode. But that even failed, so I am guessing that until the portal row is created all calc on all elements are off.

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                So you did try turning off the alternating highlighting checkbox when you double click on the portal to see that settigs window come up?




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