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    Formating help needed


      Hi everyone.


      I have a list of parts in a sub-summary report that are sorted by quantity of each part that were used (ordered from highest to lowest).


      I want to be able to ideally put a horizontal line across the report after the 10th highest part (so that i can clearly see the top 10 highest used parts).


      Can anyone suggest a way to do this??


      If a line across the report is not possible, is there formula/calculation that i could add to the field's conditional formatting in order to make it easy to see the highest 10 parts?



      I would be very grateful for any help.


      Thank you

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          Create a new summary field which summarizes the part field as a running total; then create a CF like (say) “myNewSummaryField = 10” (or 11, depending on your formatting method). To CF all parts within the TOP x, create a CF based on “myNewSummaryField <= x”.


          Sorry, made a mistake; I just realized that of course the part name (or ID) will be in all the summarized records, so that's no help. What I did was to create a calc field Case ( PartID ≠ GetNthRecord ( PartID ; GetNthRecord - 1 ) ; 1  ).


          This lets you create a result which is unique to each new start of a sub-summary, and which you can summarize. Obviously, the field to check is the break field for the summary. If anyone has a better method, please let me know.




          btw, for a simple horizontal ruler, add a button element (assign it no action), adjust the dimensions in the Inspector (like height: 2pt), and CF it. FileMaker doesn't offer CF for the simple graphic elements from the Toolbar, but it does so for buttons, which you can then mis-use to your heart's content