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    Hiding the status area but allowing users to perform simple multiple find/omit requests


      Evening all,

      In find mode you can use the status area to select whether the find request will find or omit records. It's a simple little check-box.

      I have a solution where the status area is hidden. I have a list view of addresses. I've written the following script to replicate that litle check box.


      When they enter Find Mode I take them through to a duplicate list view layout where at the end of every row/record there is an extra field called TABLE::Omit. It's a checkbox field with the value 1.


      When they hit return my script runs...



      // This loop tells FileMaker to 'omit' the request in it's find routine. It leaves all others as 'include'

      Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


      If [TABLE::Omit = 1]

      Omit Record

      End If

      Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

      End Loop


      // This then clears the Omit field before the find routine

      Set Field [TABLE::Omit; ""]

      Replace Field Contents[]


      Perform Find []



      Any suggestions of turning this into a global script so that I don't have to roll out multiple versions changing the reference to TABLE::Omit/