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    Help- content management & issues with container fields


      I am hoping someone can assist with these issues please.

      I have loaded the content management file onto our server and set a relative path for the storage of the container field files. All works fine inside the LAN form laptops and desktops (MAC and PC). ie All files appear as they should.

      The issue is outside of the LAN with:


      1. Filemaker Go.

      2. Accessing Filemaker remotely.


      With Filemaker Go I get a URL error. Is this a port issue? I have not been able to find any documentation on this ? See attachment and

      accessing Filemaker remotely I get a blank field (see attachment) but if I export the field contents it downloads successfully.

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          Apparently you do not have all the ports open that you need to.  The ports used by FMS12 are as follows:




          Apparently your gateway from the WAN to the LAN is blocking some of these ports, but not all of them because many parts of FileMaker are working. 


          I advise against setting relative paths for container and recommend you let FileMaker create the RC folder and manage the files inside of it.  People often don't get permissions right or they allow other programs or people to make changes which confuses FileMaker.  The default is to let FileMaker handle the location and encryption and if you deviate from that, you can often run into issues down the road. 

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            One other thought is that by not letting FM manage the files, you could have an issue of file references via private LAN IP (e.g. or,, etc.) that is not visible from the WAN.  FMS makes sure FM can see everything its user (fmserver) can see, but if you get outside of those designated folders, it may not work.


            To test, create a Remote Container field and let filemaker manage its location and encryption.  See if those container documents are visible. 


            If that doesn't work, turn off your filewall on the router and see if it starts working.  If it does, then you need to manage your firewall at the gateway. 

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              Taylor is right.


              Not only do the ports need to be open at the router (and any Firewall between) but the references to the files very definitely have problems too.

              The files have only LAN references.... which means they cannot be seen on the WAN at the same IP address.


              With good network management and a machine name in a DNS you can fix this by replacing IP addresses with a new URI in the form of machineName.domain.com.

              You would still have to fix the container references, though.


              The easiest thing to do is to store them with FileMaker managing things...


              Also... I am assuming there are appropriate Account permissions...  does the user's privilege set have access for the IOS device? Do they have permission for the field or webviewer fields and reference.


              - Lynsday