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alphabetical serial numbers

Question asked by dvdlghtn on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by keywords

Hi everyone


I have built a data base that will eventually list well over 1 million items (maybe even several millions) with each item needing a unique serial number.


I am hoping that there is a way to create serial numbers which also includes an alphabet sequence, such as - starting at AAA001 which would change once the numerical number reached 999 and then it would become AAB000 until the next thousand which would then become AAC000, and so on throughout the alphabet.


Being a newbe I am at a loss as to how to create such a serial number, or, indeed even if it is possible at all. If not, then there maybe there is another solution entirely that I am unaware of. I am simply trying to find a simpler system of serial numbers so that I do not have to keyin very long strings of numbers for looking up items etc as the list of items gets bigger.


Any suggestions?


Thanks for any help.