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Portal row button missing

Question asked by heuristron on Jul 30, 2013
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I have a portal on layout with three rows showing. Each row contains a pair of fields and one button set to "Delete portal row". After I add and enter data in the fourth portal row, I noticed that the button disappears altogether on the fourth and all subsequent rows. All input fields on all portal rows appear normal.


All tables belong to the same local file. The relationship of the portal is one child table related to the layout table via IDs with "Allow creation of related records…" turned OFF. The objects on the portal row are smaller than the generous 39 pt row height and do not overlap portal boundaries. The button is located well within the portal row. The portal height is set to a uniform value of (row height x rows showing). The portal is located within 20 pixels of the bottom of the body part. The portal setup does have "Allow deletion of portal records" turned on and Sorting set to one of the portal row fields. The portal and all objects contained within are anchored identically (top & left). All newly created portal records are committed, so there is no latency. No layout objects are locked. No hidden objects are within or behind the portal. Built-in theme was used to create all layout objects.


Buttons for up to 20 portal rows I tested on FileMaker 12.0v4 Advanced on iMac were visible for every row and all functioned correctly. I cannot understand why the first three portal rows display the button correctly in FM Go 12.0.7 on iPad, but the button is missing on subsequent rows. This seems to be a situation unique to FM Go 12.


Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, did you find an answer to solve the issue?

I'm open to any suggestions, workarounds.