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    FileMaker Server 12.0v4 install on Mac OS X


      I've done several of these installs and they can take a really long time. First you have to uninstall the previous version and then reinstall this version (required due to its dependency on Java 7). The install can take forever, particularly under certain circumstances like the previous install had a large log file.


      If you want this to go a lot faster, after uninstalling the previous version (don't forget to export your schedules and groups), copy whatever you need from the FileMaker's Library (e.g., log file, databases (including backups), extensions, etc.) to your desktop or documents folder. Then erase the entire FileMaker Server folder in the Library (note that the uninstall does not remove these folders). The 12.0v4 install will go much faster then having the install go through the previous FileMaker Server library folders and updating things. I don't know why, but FMS 12.0v4 installer can spend an hour or two if the old folders are still there. I'm sure there is something logical it is doing, but it does not benefit me and keeps the databases down for a long time.


      Just my 2 cents after doing several of these installs.

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          I am surprised that FileMaker haven't done the legwork and created and installer that does it for us. It may be complex, but the net result is that everyone I know is avoiding the upgrade to FMS12.0v4. Certainly I would only consider it for one of my clients as a new server (or formatted disk) install.


          But thanks for the hints. I am not looking forward to having to do one. Maybe with FMS13 it will all be sorted out!

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            Well, I am afraid I have to agree. I'm at the v3 version of 12 and am waiting on the release of the new Mac Pro hardware except for new installs. I have never understood why there wasn't an installer for this either, but then again I don't understand why FileMaker can't cut the Java cord either. That and Flash are the last bastions of self-inflicted vulnerability that I'm forced to use.




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