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Should Save as PDF replace existing pdf?

Question asked by wildwood28 on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by JackRodges

Hi all,


I have my sales team using a database that I have developed on thier ipads. I am having trouble with the "Save as PDF" script - when used for the first time to create a pdf form (ie product order) to be emailed back to Head Office, it works fine.


But then when a rep enters info for a new order, then does the same process, the original pdf is attached - the script hasn't "saved as" and replaced the previous pdf form with the new one. I then go in and check, and the new info is there and I can create a pdf using the info ok.


Its like once its used once, it won't replace the pdf the next time. The only way to clear it is to get them to delete the pdf from the file list.


The reps are using ipad 2s and all have the latest OS version.


Any suggestions on how to get around this?