[ANN] The New GoZync: faster syncs, happier developers

Discussion created by JohnSindelar on Jul 30, 2013

FileMaker Sync Gets Easier


We're thrilled to announce the latest version of GoZync: GZ4. After almost 3 years of syncing FileMaker Go solutions, we're really dialing this in.


What is GoZync?


GoZync is the easiest way to sync your offline FileMaker Go files. Bolt GoZync on to your mobile files and you can push and pull data knowing that you have reliable transactions doing the work begind the scenes.


And since GoZync is built solely in FileMaker Pro (no plugins or 3rd party stuff) you can get in there and change the sync to match your workflow.


We built GoZync for FileMaker developers: and we know that you'll keep changing things after you deploy--that your mobile and hosted code will diverge over time. So GoZync makes it easy to distribute new versions of your files with in-app updates your users will love.


Faster Deployment = Happier Developers


The new GoZync makes a lot of things easier for developers. Here's a short video describing some of the improvements, but they add up to a faster sync experience for your users, and a faster deployment for developers.


And we do mean faster: syncs down to iPad are up to 4x faster in GoZync 4. Pretty cool.



Pricing (Free Upgrade)


We want all our customers to have the best syncing tools available, so GoZync 4 is a free upgrade for current GoZync users. Just download the latest build and you'll find migration instructions in the docs.


GoZync comes in three flavors:


  • ProZync. Sync any number of table occurrences for $399 plus $129 per mobile device. Or $3,000 for unlimited devices.
  • MoZync. Sync up to 5 table occurrences for $199 plus $49 per mobile device.
  • LowZync. The free version (below).


Buy GoZync


Not yet using GoZync? Try the Free Version


LowZync, the free version of GoZync, will let you sync a single table occurrence with up to 10 mobile devices. Completely free and unlocked.


Get your feet wet and make sure your customers have reliable syncs.


Download the free version of GoZync.



GoZync is a collaboration between seedcode and geistinteractive