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How to display a calculated field from another table in a Portal

Question asked by nickster on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by erolst

I am new to Filemaker and hope somebody might be able to help me.


I am creating a database of song compositions, songwriters, ,recorded tracks, artists, producers and albums etc.


I attach some screenshots that shopw my tables, relationships and some of the layouts.


I am trying to create a portal in my Albums layout that shows all the recorded tracks and the artists on each track.


In my tracks layout, I used LIST to show in a calculated field all the artists on one particular track. BUT when I try to show this same calulated field over on the Portal I have created on my Album page, it simply does not work. No Artists show up!


I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Either there is a realtionsjip wrong somewhere, or I am asking the portal to do something it cannot do (display data from a different related table).


Can anyone out there help me solve this conumdrum... I've only had Filemaker for two days so please excuse me if I'm not explain the problem well.


Many thanks!