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    Moving images between FMP hosted and FMGO local


      I am successfully moving records between a hosted FileMaker Pro file and a local FileMaker Go file (see FileMaker Go Development Guide). However, the images from the iOS are not importing to the hosted file. The hosted file is using remote containers. Sometimes the hosted file container field is empty and sometimes it has something like the following:

      <Missing: myImage.jpg>.


      The import field match is correctly matching the container fields. I suspect that since one is stored in the database (local iOS) and the other is stored remotely (hosted FMP) is the reason it does not import.


      Any suggestions?

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          Is there any chance that an image was imported as a reference?  If so, the reference may not work when you switch computers.  Avoid importing as a reference unless that is specifically what you need and all computers will be able to see the referenced file. This may not be your problem, but it is the first thing I would check.  You can verify this by doing a size check on the referenced file:  Length ( ContainerField ).  To get it into K I usually divide by 1024 and round to the nearest whole number.  When I don't want references, I make a validation on a container field that the imported file has to at least 5K and that avoids anyone trying to import as a reference since a referenced file will be very small (only has the characters of the reference). 

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            Thanks Taylor.  The images were not referrence, but stored inside FileMaker.  Having said that, I like the validation of checking the size of the container field to verify it is stored and not referenced.  Thanks!


            I was able to fix the problem and get images from the iPad to the hosted FMP solution.  I believe the issue was that the iPad version, which is a copy of the hosted file, needed to be Saved As a self-contained copy.