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    Locked myself out


      One of my tables is a JOB table and I want the ability to for the office staff to manual lock a record. This usually happens after a job has been scheduled and the customer has been called. This works great except for one small problem - I can't unlock it! I've painted myself into a corner.


      I have a privilege set named "Admin" and the Records are "Customized privileges..."


      JOB table, in the Edit column is "limited...", defined as appointmentStatus="Unlocked"


      JOB::appointmentStatus field is a pull-down field and I've attached a script trigger OnObjectModify that changes "Locked" to "Unlocked" and runs with Full Access privileges (the problem doesn't occur with Full Access). However, the script never runs; I get the message that my privileges do not allow this action.


      Any ideas how I can change the JOB::appointmentStatus within this privilege set?



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          have you considered using a $$state variable in your locking as well?


          Basically, change:

          appointmentStatus = "Unlocked"


          $$state = "Unlocked"


          Then, instead of using a field value, you can use a session variable that is set at the beginning of your script and reset via an OnRecordLoad trigger (to re-lock everything when you're done). this would also negate the need for you to run a script with the full access.


          I'd love to say I've tried this and it's worked, but I'll admit I haven't put it into practice.


          Let me know offhand if this does work, would be nice to demo it at COFMUG if it does.

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            Thanks Mike.  Not clear how this would help.  Perhaps you can attach a sample file?


            Speaking of which, I've added two sample files to my original post. LockedRecord_pum.fmp12 attempts to change the status of the record by using a pop up menu (pum).  LockedRecord_btn.fmp12 attempts to change the status of the record via a button (btn).


            There are two accounts: Admin and Jdoe.  There is a new Privilege Set: "Admin" (in retrospect, this is confusing - I should have named the privilege set different than an account).  Security is set up as such:


            Admin     Full Access

            Jdoe       Admin



            A script enables quickly toggling between accounts.


            The issue is that when logged in as Jdoe there is no way to change the status of the record from "Locked" to "Unlocked".

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              I was just theorizing that state variables are exempt from the record conditions of which your privilege sets are being constrained by.


              I've done a quick sample here though,

              Admin || -no pass-

              test || pass (custom priv set)


              See if this is anything close to what you need. The button "unlocks" the record, and the lock resets on open, and OnRecordLoad via a trigger.

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                I neglected to run the button with Full Access privileges.  That did the trick.


                I attached a third file to my original post - LockedRecord_btnFULL.fmp12.zip  This runs the button with Full Access privileges, so even logged in a Jdoe I am able to change the data in the Status field.

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                  ah, figures something that easy was the root cause. Still, with the trend of "context free" development, it still might be at least useful to consider the state technique I outlined. Session variables have been extremely useful in more than just the security features.

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                    Thanks Mike.  Looks like we simultaneously came up with similar approaches.

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                      Lucky for me you having that problem...


                      I was looking for advice on a totally different issue (record locking) and Mike Mitchell kindly pointed me here — and I found the answer! My systems do not require much security so I did not even know custom privileges exist. But then again, I have not done much FMP work since version 6.


                      Interestingly, when a record is locked an attempt to make changes generate (at least) two different dialogs. 


                      Changes to Edit Box fields, deletions etc: Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action.


                      Changes to Tick Box fields: This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable.


                      I hope my client never sees these as this is a bit confusing: there is a big red banner in every relevant layout saying that a record cannot be changed.

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                        One thing to be very careful of when using variables in this way...a resourceful user/developer CAN change those variables. And if you are using them to secure parts of the solution, it could open you up to data security problems.

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                          well, ideally you'd be locking down menus and any full-access privileges that would let you execute a variable change as well.


                          That is a good concern though, thanks for pointing it out.

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                            Joshua made a really good point. I'm pretty sure he's referring to the fact that anyone with FMP Advanced can use the Data Viewer's Watch tab to set a variable in a Let statement. Custom menus do not turn off the Tools menu in FMPA.


                            Debi Rubel
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                              Exactly. You can't lock it down entirely (using persistent variables that is).