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Import records - worse than ever in 12?

Question asked by davehob on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by davehob

OK, so "Import records" was never the jewel in Filemaker's crown, but it seems to have got worse in FM12. Still no sorting of fields in the "source" pane (no change there), but now I can't even scroll through the field list once I've selected a target field - in FM11, the list would scroll when you dragged the target field to the bottom of the window. Now (at least in Windows) it seems you have to park the field temporarily at the bottom of the list, then scroll with the scroll bar, then re-grab the target field to drag it further down the list.


This is real pain. Any tips about how to make Import records less ugly and uncooperative, both in this detail, and in general? (I'm going to be doing a lot of importing during a re-write that I'm embarking on, made worse by adopting a new field naming convention, which means I can't even use "matching field names".)