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    proofHQ & FileMaker integration


      I was wondering if anyone has integrated with proofHQ's api.


      If so what did you use to do this and what were you able to achieve?



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          Hi Andrew,


          It's been almost a year since your post. I just left a meeting, where my client is also interested in integrating proofHQ with their FM based project manager. So, did you ever get to work on the integration? If so, can you share your experience? Any thoughts or trick you can think of?




          Dave Wheelock

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            I had one client using proofHQ and another one interested.

            My main client moved to Esko’s online proofing and file prepress/management. Far superior then proofHQ.

            I think there would be potential for integration.

            I would only invest time in it if I worked full time for a company or I or they had a lot of resources to throw at it.




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              Thanks Andrew. I'm not in a position, at this point, to suggest Esko. I'm going to move forward with the integration with ProofHQ (assuming the client accepts my proposal).




              Dave Wheelock