Issue with errant network at Client

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Here is the comment from their IT staff. Your comments are appreciated.I'm especially skeptical of their assessment of Filemaker Go

You input is appreciated.


The issue Julia is mentioning is a cosmetic bug in iOS. It is not actually connected to or trying to connect to SG3371. We have confirmed by checking IP addresses and other network settings that the device is connected to UCSF-Clinical. Even if it were the case, both wireless SSIDs are served through the same wireless access points so if SG3371 is online and reachable by a device then UCSF-Clinical is online and reachable. But that is not the case, because SG3371 uses a different authentication protocol and source of authority, so it is impossible for Julia’s device to connect to the network.

This error only ever shows up on iOS devices and never on PCs, Macs, or Android devices. It is separate from the issue of losing data in FileMaker Go, which we believe is due to the way FileMaker Go writes data to the server. In a typical app that relies on wireless connectivity, the app will establish a connection to a server and use a local buffer for storing user-entered data which is flushed to the server at a regular interval. FileMaker Go appears to do two things badly: first, it does not periodically flush to the server and instead only flushes the data when the user is completely done entering it; two, it makes only one attempt to write to the server and does not retain the local buffer until it has confirmed the server received the data. This is an example of bad coding by FileMaker and does not have any bearing on the wireless network.

The problem comes down to one of three things: a bug in iOS that we can’t fix and have no control over, a bug in FileMaker Go that we can’t fix and have no control over, or the wireless network that we have had outside consultants design, map, and validate. We are confident that it is not the network.



here is the original problem


My client is a big hospital and are using iPads to make their rounds. The iPad keeps switching to a "test" network set up by the Hospital IT staff rather than the Clinical WiFi network it needs to be connected to. They are unable to select Forget Network in the settings. Any suggestions would be helpful.