Importing .xls file on server issues

Discussion created by MartinBridges on Aug 1, 2013
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Afternoon All


In FM12 running on my deaktop I've got a script that imports data from a .xls file. This .xls file always resides in the same place. Selecting the file via the import script step was straightforward. The script runs automatically and refreshes the data. Great. It's what I love about FileMaker.


The client now wants this to run on his server version of the database. I need to change the import file link to a http;// address. However it seems FileMaker doesn't give me that option. The options look like... access a remote filemaker file or access this .xls file via ODBC.


However surfing the web seems to suggest if this .xls file is put in the Documents folder on the server then a server sided script can access it similar to what I observe on my desktop. This sounds what I want, I think.


However I have no idea about how to do this. I rent hosted space and the server admin console only allows me to view Admin, Clients, Databases and Schedules. All I can actually do seems to be limited to pretty much open, close, upload or download databases.


Any help would be appreciated.