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Guided Access and taking a picture

Question asked by ChristineHill on Aug 1, 2013

Hi All!


I am developing a solution where users will enter information as well as take their picture.


I need kiosk behavior and as far as I can tell this looks like I need to enable guided access on the ipad, because I don't want users to get out of the solution by clicking the home button.


Prob 1: If there is a way, I'd rather disable home button with script when kiosk mode is entered and avoid guided access altogether- but this is minor compared to the next 2 problems.


Prob 2: I just want to take a picture. I do not want the users to have any choice as to what to import, want to go straight to the camera.


Prob 3: default camera orientation seems to be toward the back, not facing the user. I'm trying to avoid confusion and don't want the user to have to switch to front camera.


Thanks! I really appreciate any advice!