Send and Receive email through FM

Discussion created by MallieWilliams on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2013 by lkeyes

I want to set up the following:

Users log into a database via remote. Users will select a group of 'people' or 'companies' and send personalized multiple emails to many individuals.

I want these emails tracked in a line item table as well as emailed from within Filemaker 12 and send via SMTP Server.

Files will be attached that will either reside on the server or users desktops.

All info will be filled in via calculations, and the email address sent from will be the same (?).All this easy to do - just not sure of the interface of sending mail directly from within FM and using the server the database is served on...

Is this possible just using FM12 or do I need to use 360Works Email Plugin? What are the advantages to the plug in in this scenario?