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    Formatting changes when opening file on other computer


      Hey there,


      I am having trouble finding a solution to this problem! I created a simple layout that I want to use as a contact sheet on Filemaker Pro Advanced 12. When I tried to open it from another computer with filemaker pro 12 I was surprised that the formating changed on the file.


      Such things as:

      Text Size


      Screen Solution


      I was thinking that there must be a quick fix to this, that the formating of the File is adopted even if opend on an other computer!

      Please help me out here!


      Also is there a "Fit to Screen" Function for Resizing? So when I open a file on another size screen I can run that (Especially for Kiosk Mode)?




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          Stephen Huston

          You are running into several issues at once when switching computers. Most of these can be adressed with a opening script which would need to include  script steps to resize the window, either "to fit" or "maximize" so you get a consistent window across all computers. In FM12 this is now done in the File Settings menu with a Script Trigger to run on first window opening.


          Font and text size are less friendly to deal with. Fonts on Windows tend to be roughly 10% larger than the same font on Mac, and that needs to be planned for when designing  layouts -- to leave enough room for working cross-platform. Some fonts get substituted if they are not cross-platform compatible, and then who knows what you will get. Verdana and Times New Roman are the most consistent for x-plat needs, though the 10% size/spacing differences still have to be planned to fit.


          Font size will also appear to vary depending on the screen resolution of the device. The more pixels per inch to the device, the smaller the font can appear. Font size is not really variable on layouts wihtout some major work-arounds which I have found are not worth the effort. If you use layout themes for device-specific layouts and script going to the correct one, you can usually come up with a workable screen/font-size result, though you will have to maintain the multiple layouts for various devices.

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            Thank you.

            I will try to use those scripts for fitting the screen.

            As for Text formatting,

            I am using a MacBook and tried to open on an MacBook Air.

            The Font and Fontsize in a Field changed.

            As for the size this could be explained with your reasoning of screen resolution I guess... But why would a file change its font from alone?


            Any thoughts?

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              Stephen Huston

              A different font will be substituted whenever the OS doesn't recognize the ID of the font used in the file. You can control some font substitutions with the FM application preferences panels. It is also possible, though less likely, that the OS font IDs between OS versions may result in a different font being interpreted, as some of this stuff happens at the OS level.


              So there are several possibilties, missing fonts being substituted with something unexpected, and font IDs between OS versions resulting in surprise fonts appearing. I once saw all fonts disappear from a browser page after a Mac OS upgrade because of the default font setting in the browser application which didn't match anything in the new OS version. Resetting the default font fixed it, but FM doesn't have the same kind of defaults because the fonts are actually coded to the layout.

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                Thank you!

                By understanding your post I double checked the fonts and turns out that they where not installed on the other computer (or deleted).


                One last question!
                You where talking about a script trigger by entering the file! I could not find that! Only for entering a object or field....


                But the function would be really helpfull... so if you could help me with that too, that woud be great!

                Thanks again!

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                  Raphael - that option is under File menu >  File Options… > Script Triggers tab, then select "OnFirstWindowOpen."


                  Stephen - I've been running into this font issue as well. I had read that Tahoma was a good x-plat font, so I'm using that. For the most part, it works great, with minimal sizing issues. But every now and then, I open my file (served from FMS12) and see that the fonts on most of my layouts have changed to Helvetica.

                  I can understand that if you open the file on a computer without that font, that it needs to substitute it. But, will it actually change the font that is defined in the layout? I'm the only one with full/admin access, so the only one who can get into layout mode. I've been scratching my head on this one. It's not very often that it happens, but it has happened 3 or 4 times now in the last couple of weeks.




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                    Stephen Huston

                    In the FileMaker application Preferences, check your FONT settings their. I have found that numerous things seem to affect fonts in FMP12 which are not exactly as in some earlier versions:

                    • The Font specified as default in application Preferences
                    • Font Locking in application Preferences
                    • Themes defaulting to a CSS font rather than a user defined font for a layout object. (Classic theme should be less likely to do this.)