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Send Exported Data File to Server

Question asked by sechrisman on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by sechrisman

I am using local Filemaker Go databases for an inspection company (one on each iPhone). They need to build reports on an existing server/system, thus we export the records from the iPhone to a CSV file. The CSV file will then get imported into a different (non-FM) database. Right now the only way I know how to get the CSV file from the phone to the server is via FTP. This involves exporting the data, then "opening the file" in a FTP app on the iphone. While this works (with an extra app and a few extra steps), I would prefer that all of it be done via Filemaker. I envision the user marking the records they need, then clicking on a send button that runs a script for export and sending to the server. I have installed FM Server on our server, but I'm not able to determine what type of script or code I would need to develop such a process.


I do not want to have the database hosted on the server because users may not always have an internet connection. I do not want the user to "email" the exported file, because that involves even more steps than using a separate FTP app. I am willing to use a FM Server solution, but I'm also open to solutions that do not involve FM Server. Any thoughts or suggestions?