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    Send Exported Data File to Server


      I am using local Filemaker Go databases for an inspection company (one on each iPhone). They need to build reports on an existing server/system, thus we export the records from the iPhone to a CSV file. The CSV file will then get imported into a different (non-FM) database. Right now the only way I know how to get the CSV file from the phone to the server is via FTP. This involves exporting the data, then "opening the file" in a FTP app on the iphone. While this works (with an extra app and a few extra steps), I would prefer that all of it be done via Filemaker. I envision the user marking the records they need, then clicking on a send button that runs a script for export and sending to the server. I have installed FM Server on our server, but I'm not able to determine what type of script or code I would need to develop such a process.


      I do not want to have the database hosted on the server because users may not always have an internet connection. I do not want the user to "email" the exported file, because that involves even more steps than using a separate FTP app. I am willing to use a FM Server solution, but I'm also open to solutions that do not involve FM Server. Any thoughts or suggestions?



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          Hi Steve,


          What you could do, since you have FM server, is to have FM Go open a transport database of FM server, then create a new record in that database and import the data file in a container field on that record.


          Or you can import the FM Go data directly in the transport database and have the FM server handle the export of that data.


          Hope that helps,


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          Ruben van den Boogaard

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            Thanks for the ideas. I've set up a new "transport" database with a container field. Imported the CSV into that field. Very easy to do that. If I continue that route, I'll finish up a script to run behind the scenes, so the user shouldn't have to do more than choose which records to export then click a button on their main inspections database. Coming from 15 years of MS Access database development, I have a lot to learn about the tricks that FM offers. Most likely since we will be investing in FM ServerI will go with your second option. I will set up the system to copy records to a new transport database (same table and layout, not a CSV in container field). Then on the server side I can use ODBC to link the FM Transport db from the existing MS Access system. Our existing system can then grab data and build PDFs.