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Discussion created by ohannis on Aug 4, 2013
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I have a database that has the following fields (database name REPORT)

Customer Name



State Zip

Invoice number

Part Number



I have created a ValueList with a list of part number and set the field as drop down, so that the customer can select the part number from the list. The ValueList will be updating everytime the client update that part list.


I have a second database that has the following fields (database name PART-LIST)

Part Number


This data base will be updating frequently with new part numbers.


I want to set a relation between the Part Number and Description so that when the client selects the part number it will automatically fill the description field. Note that the PART LIST is imported from excel which has PART NUMBER and DESCRIPTION in an order. Example in Excel A1 part number and B1 description are matching pair. Any idea how to get this done ?