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automatically calculate rent between dates

Question asked by maurice2307 on Aug 3, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by erolst

Dear forum members,


As a very new member (today actually) I am so bold to launch a challenge I am facing.


I am a real estate agent on the Costa Blanca in Spain. For several owners, we run a total of 11 real estate properties which are rented out to holidaymakers.

Each property has different rental rates (which are per week), divided over different periods.



property rent x week valid from valid to

001 830,= 01-01-2014 31-03-2014

001 950,= 01-04-2014 30-06-2014

001 1200,= 01-07-2014 15-09-2014

002 550,= 01-01-2014 30-06-2014

003 750,= 31-03-2014 15-10-2014



How can I let Filemaker automatically calculate the rent for any given property between certain dates.



calculate the rent for property 001 from 22-02-2014 until 03-03-2014.


The way I do this now is to determine in which bracket the rent is (in this example it's 830,=/week).

I then divide the rent by 7 (=rent/day) and then multiply by 9 days = 1067,14.


Any tips and suggestions are appreciated.


Kind regards,