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    UK: FM Accounts / Sales Ledger Package?


      Hi all,


      We currently have an invoice module in FileMaker which imports all invoices into Sage 50.


      However, Sage 50 is reaching it's end of life for us using this method, so we will be doing most accounting within FileMaker, and importing a total invoice once per month to Sage 50.


      My question is, does anyone have a Sales Ledger or fuller accounting system developed in FM, specifically for the United Kingdom?


      Something like this: http://www.filemakeraccounting.com/products/10/ The problem with this is that it's based in USA which follows entirely different accounting rules, taxes etc.







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          Hi Ben,


          I think you should take a look at MoneyWorks from cognito.co.nz


          It was developed in NZ right at the time we introduced a Goods and Sevice tax (GST) which has many similarities in its structure to your VAT.


          MoneyWorks has excellent routines for integrating with any FM invoicing or receipting processes. It is also cheaper than any of the fully fledged FM accounting packages.


          We've found it is much eaasier to have a fully fledged accounting package do the bookkeeping (eg Debtor Management) than to try and write the same functions in FM. I'm not saying it cannot be done but I think you'll find it's not cost effective.


          Let me know if you want more info.





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            Hi John,


            Thanks for the info, we will investigate the MoneyWorks route.


            Good to see something with good FM intergration.


            Thanks again.





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              Hi Ben


              In case this is of interest we've integrated Durodata's Synchronite to take invoices from customers' FileMaker directly into the sales ledger in Sage, which has worked well. Again as mentioned above it allows the accounts package to do the company accounts, while allowing FileMaker to do the invoicing, purchasing, etc. It can also take selected data in the other direction from Sage to FileMaker.


              We also aware of another product that will pretty much integrate any part of Sage with FileMaker using MySQL as a link between the 2. We've no experience of this yet but have a Sage partner who hardly installs Sage without this now and FileMaker's ESS with MySQL means it should work very nicely. We're away at the moment, so don't have the details to hand.



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                Hi Ben,


                I second John's recommendation of MoneyWorks, it is very easy to integrate with, and generally a very good accounting system. Their support is also excellent.





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                  Hi Andy,


                  That is very interesting.


                  From what I understand of Sage, and the questions we have asked - there is only a one way connection to Sage that can be made from FileMaker, or any other application. And that is to query only, and not insert data. Have we been misinformed?


                  Also, I would think this is not compatible with Sage 50 and would require at least to upgrade to Sage 200?






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                    Hi Ben


                    We've customers doing 2 way links with Sage Line 50, for example they are posting their invoices raised in FileMaker to Sage's sales ledger and retrieving the credit status from Sage's contact file into their FileMaker contacts file for their telesales team to see.


                    Synchronite does not have the ability to link everything, but what it does link it does it very well (it used to be called SageLink).


                    The other option I alluded to will pretty much link anything you like and, if it doesn't the developer will make it so that it does.


                    Synchronite is the easier of the 2 to setup, but with both options there should 't be anything you can't do.


                    The first step is to clearly map out what data you want to connect, which will dictate which solution is appropriate. The budget for a straight-forward connection is about £2k, which includes the software.


                    We're back in the UK Friday, if we can be of any further help.



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                      Well, that's very useful information - I was not aware of that at all.


                      I have forwarded it to a member of my team to look into, thanks for your help.