FM12 field not coming across with php form entry

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Aug 5, 2013
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Hello all,


I have a client who is using a php form to capture data into FileMaker pro 12 (server) and is having a problem with one of the fields not coming into filemaker.


Now, the thing is, I'm not a php expert, but the person who setup the form said "there's nothing wrong with it" and the form is also setup to send the fields of data to an email, which works fine.


What's happening with FileMaker is that all fields are being captured, except for one field, the "comments" field.


Now, as I said, I'm not a php expert, but I took a look at the php and the first thing I noticed is that the fieldnames referenced by php where all matching what was in the filemaker table, with the exception of a "fm_" prefix in the php.

Also - the fieldname in filemaker that captures "comments" did not match exactly what was in the php script, so I renamed that field in Filemaker, restarted the FM server, but it did not fix the problem... that field is just not coming into filemaker.


It seems odd that it should just be the one field, so I'm not sure where the problem is? Any suggestions are most welcomed.


I'm trying hard to understand how it works. I know this much, the field appears on the same layout in filemaker as all the other fields, the field name in filemaker is "comments" and the one in the php script is "fm_comments", now that I have re-named the one in filemaker pro.


any help is greatly appreciated at this point, thanks!