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FileMaker Server 12 Admin Console Start page is not available

Question asked by KenShick on Aug 6, 2013
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I have a good install of FMS12 64 bit on my desktop but I need a FMS12 32 bit install on my laptop. I have issues after trying everything and then starting over.

This is the message I get:


The FileMaker Server Admin Console Start page is not available.

The Admin Server process may not be running, a required port

may not be available, or your machine may be running slowly.


The laptop is a dual core running Windows 7 (SP1) 32 bit. The laptop is running wireless on my home network of these two machines. I am able to access the internet with my browser. Never had a problem with that. I was running FMS11 for a long time with no problem. I deinstalled FMS11 and every reference to my FMS12 installation attempts. Some of these previous attempts left bits of garbage everywhere. So I am not sure any of my deinstalls were completely successful. Java is updated. Windows Services is running. I tried finding the console on my browser with localhost:16000 to no avail.