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How to link/ reference a unique record on one table to another table

Question asked by deedubbauu on Aug 7, 2013
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Hi Members,


I'm a filemaker newbie trying to create my first database for my small business. I'm not entirely a novice but I don't mind if you treat me that way!


This database is to record information about stringing jobs. I have four tables in all.

Table 1 - customer information (including a serial/ unique ID record)

Table 2 - raquet information (including a serial/unique ID record)

Table 3 - string job information (including a serial/unique ID record)

Table 4 - relationship table that "shares" data.


I've attached a screen shot below:

Relationship table.png

My layouts are as follows:


Client Info Layout.png Racquet Info Layout.png


String Job Layout.png Client Summary Layout.png


My issues are as follows:


1) I want to add a client name to a racquet. See layout "Racquet Information".

2) I want to do the same thing for String Job Information.


For the Client Summary page I'd like to do the following:


A) Search for a client and find their last racquet strung and populate the relevant fields.


Lastly, is their a way that I can have a time stamp set up inside the comments field to verify each update that I do?


Many thanks for your time and assistance.