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can't connect to FMSA via IWP : port setting problem? or other?

Question asked by on Aug 6, 2013
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I have been working for some time with FMA, using IWP for customers connecting (using their browser) to my database.

This always worked very well. I didn't use the standard port 80, but 8100, so they conencted to http://<ip-address>:8100.


I wanna do more with FM and with the IWP possibility, so I've moved the databases to a server, and purchased FMSA for this server.

However, I'm having trouble in setting it up for IWP access.

I've hosed the databases on FMSA, but can't seem to connect to them with IWP...


As far as I understand, I should connect to : http://<server-address>/fmi/iwp

however I'm getting all kinds of error messages.


I can't seem to find a place where to set the port number in the filemaker server configuration menus.


What am I doing wrong?