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Counting the Number of Unique Values in a Field - JK

Question asked by jayankurian on Aug 7, 2013
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I followed the example calculation of the FM Knowledge Base "Counting the Number of Unique Values in a Field" , and I am not getting the right result.


The instructional SQL statement example says ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT LocationField) FROM ContactTable" ; "" ; "").


Based on the above example this is my calculation. ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT MR #)FROM Radiology Performed Exam for TAT";"";"")


But I am not getting any result, except the ? mark. I formated the field for zero decimal place, and my field is long enough to display 10 digits.


Do I need to put anything within the two double quotes at the end of my SQL statment?


Appreciate if anyone can be helpful for me.........



Thank you!!!!!!!